Ceramic Ring Cone #001

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I started taking ceramics classes back in January and have been honing my skills ever since. Once or twice a week I spend 3 hours in a studio cranking out piece after piece. I normally give them away to friends and family or I keep them for myself, but it's starting to get ridiculous. 

So, I will start adding some of the smaller pieces to my shop...

This specific piece is a hand built ceramic ring cone that has been covered in a speckled glaze and a bold hand mixed underglaze on the bottom. Its heavy for its size, so it wont topple over easily. Perfect for your nightstand or dresser!

Each Ring Cone is 100% unique in its size, shape and color. They are not mass produced and no molds were used. I guesstimate each and every time.

Please Note that I have added in the extra cost to ship these (due to their weight) into the price, so if you add anything else to your order, it shouldn't affect it much.